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January 21, 2009


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Yep, it's painful and slow but worth it. I broke both wrists and a thumb all at the same time once while roller skating. It was bad enough to require surgery. I was part way through making a chain maille bag when it all happened. I figured out how to hold the plyers between the fingers and cast on each hand and kept working, albiet VERY slowly. I was only expected to get about 40% use back in my thumb after physical therapy. When my casts came off my doctor was amazed. I had 95% use of my thumb and hadn't even started the physical therapy! He asked me what I had been doing and I pulled the project out of my purse and showed him. The movements I'd been doing with the plyers were the exact movements I would have been doing in physical therapy. He now takes my x-rays to conventions to show off. So you keep making that jewelry. It gets easier every day.


A far more complaint-worthy saga than mine!

To get me to stop using it you'd probably have to knock me out with something. Thanks for the encouragement and I'm glad you're better!

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